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1   Information should follow people
Our first mantra for mobilization is that information should follow people and not the other way round where people are chasing information. “Events” would need to be defined in the Enterprise Information System, Messaging System, etc. that trigger the appropriate alerts, notifications and reports to be pushed out to users. This mantra therefore ensures that users who are mobile need have no anxiety to connect to their corporate information systems and can confidently attend to business tasks, knowing that all information that is important and relevant for them, would reach them wherever they are. Context is delivered. Important Context is never lost.
2  Enable information exchange between any data  source and any device
The second mantra for mobilization provides for unification. The solution should enable exchange of information between any data source in the enterprise and any device that can connect to the Internet (PC, notebook, PDA, Mobile), support data, voice and video channels, ensuring that this exchange of information can take place anytime, anywhere. System is there in every context of the individual.
3   Enable related actions to be performed around   information delivered.
The power of mobilization is enhanced if along with the primary information that is delivered to the mobile user, related business information is made available. Our third mantra for mobilization seeks to empower the mobile user with all the related information so that he/she is in a position to act upon the information that is delivered. Ensures complete actioning around the context.
4   Make the Enterprise (people and information)
  available on demand. 
Our fourth mantra for mobilization aims to further facilitate the mobile user to complete the actioning around the information that is delivered. The mobilization solution should provide for  the mobile user to be able to access related people and additional related information that can lead to actions being taken, through conferencing and communication functionalities, i.e., make the Enterprise (people and information) available to the mobile user on demand.
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