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  Unified Architecture
  iAllWays™ Mobilization Platform
  Multi-modal Delivery
This provides:
    » End-to-end information flow management
    » Wrapper-based integrated business view
    » Unified data representation
    » Unified delivery representation
In order to enable the mobilization solution, data that resides in various data sources need to be delivered to different types of end-user devices.

Layer 1: Represents various Enterprise Data Sources (Web Service Platforms, Databases, Message Stores, Mail Stores, Content Stores, etc) and the functionality therein.

Layer 2:Consists of Data Source Adapter software components - Data Source Interface Modules (DSIM) that provides interface between Enterprise Data represented in Layer-1 and iAllWays™ System. These components handle data exchange requirements (Connection, Parameters, etc.,) and specifications (Authentication, Security, etc.,) for each Data Source dynamically.
Layer 3:Metadata representation of Enterprise Data in iAllWays™ System including normalizing data, discovering relationship, and description for mobilization; also includes representation of various delivery templates for mobilization.
Layer 4:This Application Layer uses the repository of iAllWays™ End User Experiences [organized by 'Business Context'] - generated from Unified Data and Delivery Representation (Layer-3). Also this handles all typical application functionalities like Content Delivery, Session Management, etc.
Layer 5:Consists of Personal Workspaces (PWS) with Presentation and Delivery Components personalized for various modes of access and variant channels of delivery. This provides for unification of delivery based on 'Business Context'.
Layer 6: This serves as primary host for iAllWays™ System. Also provides access integration of iAllWays™ System through various hardware and/or software servers and services.
Layer 7: End User Experiences for users and devices through various modes and channels(web pages, mobile pages, messages, mails and other forms of notification in various modes - push, pull and on-demand) are provided. Also on-device or plug-in applications provides integrated / enhanced user experience of iAllWays™ System.
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