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iPath Technologies’ Unified Communication Solutions provide access to your messages and data at all times – using a web browser on your computer, voice phone, SMS, PDA or mobile phone. iPath Technologies’ solutions enable maximal “availability” for your information/communication, boosting employee productivity and enhancing customer service, across your enterprise – personalized information on web and voice portals, notifications on all critical data events, information-on-demand using ad-hoc SMS-type requests..

iPath Technologies’ Unified Communication Solutions are highly flexible, modular, scalable and designed for optimal use by enterprises, service providers and individuals. iPath Technologies provides you state-of-the art technology solutions for managing your information and communications.

The challenges of unified communications are many. The structured management of information flow from different data sources (such as ERP system, message servers and documents) across different end-user communication devices (such as PCs, Phones and PDAs) with a focus on improving business employee productivity and enhancing the customer experience is made possible by iPath Technologies’ Managed Information Flow Solutions.

iPath Technologies provides iAllWays™, a robust unified communications solutions Platform. iPath Technologies has multiple end-user solutions based on this Platform, addressing the management of information flow.  iAllWays™ Managed Information Flow Platform, can be used by large, small and medium scale businesses, service providers or by individuals. These solutions try and address every unified communication need.

iPath Technologies is an emerging leader in developing and marketing innovative unified communications solutions.

iPath Technologies Private Limited is founded by Srinivasan Ramakrishnan. Srini was earlier the lead software architect at Appiant Technologies Inc., helping the company launch its hosted Unified Communications solutions. Prior to Appiant, Srini had founded a company Front-End Technologies (P) Limited (FET), where he designed InfoFast, a Train-of-Thought Data Navigation System. Srini started work with ICE Inc. in 1989, on a java-like universal programming environment. Srini has over 19 years experience in the software industry developing numerous software products and implementing a wide range of software projects (both in the US and in India). Srini holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University Of Texas At Austin, USA.

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